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A collection of inspiring case studies for makers

This is somewhat similar to Paperboy that was recently featured although this looks SUPER clean @janwennesland How do you decide what is added to the site? I submitted my story "How I Landed A Job At Product Hunt" 😃 Presumably if you get a lot more submissions then the filters will become more advanced and more options?
@janwennesland This is awesome, really helpful, especially to product designers to have one central place where case studies are collected! Maybe we'll see a Product Hunt 2.0 case study up there cc. @rrhoover 😺
@david_diam Awesome, glad you like it! PH 2.0 case study would be awesome 👍🏻
Thanks for posting this! Paperboy looks great, but what differentiates Case Study Club is that it is more design focused. At least that was my initial idea. How I decide? I guess great content will do it :) Great article, thanks for submitting! I will probably have to add a career filter. Not quite sure how to solve it as more content gets added. Open to suggestions :)
@janwennesland This is great. Anyway to sort them by date? also popularity?
@esbvn Good idea! I will definitely add that to my feature list.
Hi, Can you make this site into Cloud App? I'd like have my own case study boards. Any soon available? And please custom domain feature. Thx.