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Hey, Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ I'm Alex, co-founder and CEO of Casamatic. We launched our web app last fall in Cincinnati and we're excited to announce that we've brought Casamatic to 6 additional cities so far this year and today, we've appeased our incredibly large audience of mobile users by launching Casamatic for iPhone! Me, along with our team, are dead-set on making the home buying experience awesome for millennials... so let's talk about it! Ask us anything. Oh, and @cridenour (co-founder and CTO) is here too, and he's excited to answer all of your questions about building Casamatic in React and re-using most of the code to create the iPhone app with React Native. :-)
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Big fan of Casamatic, keep sending me houses that make me want to move!
Seems like a great concept, but any proof it actually works (i.e. are people really finding their dream home via Casamatic)?
@tmetzner Yep, it actually works! Here are a couple recent success stories from our blog:
A refreshing new approach to the general tedium of scouring poorly designed real estate websites. Convenience and practicality, with a dash of flair. Keep it up!!
FYI everyone: it's not linked in the post here, but we have a fully functioning web version of the app at too!