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Hey ProductHunt! My name is Ron and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Cartrdge. My team and I have been working to get to this moment for a long time now, and it’s pretty exciting to finally be here on PH :) Cartrdge is a portfolio style community for folks in the video game industry. We launched it as a private beta last August, and have spent the past 7 months building a ton of features and making major product improvements. Yesterday we added a feature called Collaborations, and came out of private beta by debuting a system where existing users each get a certain number of invites to send out. We think the timing is perfect for this. The industry is getting bigger, and it’s never been easier to create and publish a video game. But there still isn’t a platform that focuses on the individuals behind the games, which is why we’ve centered the entire experience around the user profiles. There’s lots more to tell and I’m excited to be here and chat with everyone, so ask away!
Congrats Ron! I've been following what you guys are doing and the site has been a cool source of inspiration when we think about game ideas.
@jonslimak thanks Jon! I'm really glad to hear it, that's been one of our biggest goals with the site (and why we made it so searchable)
Games become much better when they are crowdsourced!
@gabrielreynard I agree in many ways! Like any good product or a startup itself, games usually come out best when they incorporate lots of testing and feedback during the course of their development.
It's remarkable we haven't really had anything like this before. Can you provide some details on how this will help developers collaborate on projects?
@jonlee108 Sure! So the collaborations feature that we debuted yesterday allows for multiple Cartrdge users to be tied to a project. Each collaborator then has the ability to post to that project, and the avatars of all the collaborators will be presented on the project page. It's basically a way to show the team making a game, and for each team member to share exactly what they're doing for it. The game designer can post maps and charts, the animator can post gifs, the composer can add Soundcloud embeds, the artist can share images, etc. I think there'll be a lot of ways to use the feature. Promotional presskits for a game all the way to literally teaming up on Cartrdge for game jams and stuff like that!
@ron_golan awesome! glad you've thought about teams so soon.
@jonlee108 thanks man! it's my favorite feature that we've built so far :)
I've followed Cartrdge progress since it's inception, and it's great to see how far along it has come to from the paper mockups I saw a year ago. Looking forward to where it will go.
@albn what a long way we've come. thanks man :)