Recover abandoned carts with email

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I love SaaS apps like this - they have an absolutely clear ROI. If it works for your cart, it's basically free money. Your customers win, you win.
Hello hello, Co-Founder here. Happy to answer any questions on the product. Thanks for the submission @charlieirish
@jordangal Great stuff!! Is there a way to coordinate this with retargeting tools?
@jkwade @jordangal Not at the moment, but we're considering doing exactly that. Hit me up, I'd like to hear more about the exact use case you're considering.
I used CartHook with my business in the past, and I was a big fan of the level of service @jordangal provided with the setup and followup. If you have an ecommerce shopping cart, you need this product! Also, Jordan is the co-host of Bootstrapped Web podcast ( which is fantastic.
@paulgambill thanks Paul! Really appreciate it
Hey @jordangal this looks great! Quick question/use case for you here.. if I'm using WordPress running the ZippyCourses template ( with Stripe connected to process my payments, would I be able to integrate CartHook currently?
@theryanrobinson It's all about your checkout flow and where those pages are hosted. Just need to get our code on the page where the email is collected and the success page. Let me know how I can help.
Thanks, @jordangal! I'll let you know if I run into any issues when I give it a test drive.
This looks great - how is it different than the Cart Abandonment email sent by Shopify? Can I send more than one (1 email 1 hour later, another one 24 hours later and a third 7 days later if someone still hasn't purchased). We would be in your enterprise pricing plan btw.
@wmharris101 Hey William, you're on the money. Multi-part email campaign with more granular control, optimized template, reporting, and a lot more on the way like A/B testing and more. Shopify app comes out next week. Want to be our first Shopify user?