Discover up-and-coming fashion brands that match your style

Thanks Kat! I'm Jen, CEO and co-founder of Cartful. Cartful is a new fashion discovery engine that makes small, new, up-and-coming brands more accessible ("StumbleUpon for Fashion"). Andreas and I both realized that we were settling for boring fashion when shopping at the same big-box retailers as everyone else. Since fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself, we built Cartful to allow you to discover and shop from brands that are personalized to you. Right now, there are already over 400+ fashion brands for you to discover. You can not only set the gender, price range, and style that you prefer, but also select any combination of our specialty options, such as "Made in the USA" or "Sustainable." It's super powerful to see how our users interact with the different brands. This gives us an inside scoop to consumer behavior, which is data that we can provide back to our brands as an omni-brand platform. Check it out and we would love to hear your feedback!
@jenleeny Hey Jen, there's something wrong with the link here. It opens as 'http//' (It's missing : after http).
@fishsander Thanks for letting us know! EDIT: It's fixed now!