Carter & Clyde

A curated college dorm shopping experience.

Carter & Clyde is a dorm shopping site, dedicated to solving the sub-par dorm shopping experience many first-year college students face.
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Matthew Stolper
Co-founder of Carter & Clyde
Hi PH Community, Since my recent high school graduation, I’ve been working with a buddy to build and launch Carter & Clyde. The two of us began to search for decorations for our own dorm rooms and became incredibly frustrated with how hard it was to find items we actually wanted. We knew it didn't have to be this way. Our platform is designed to help college students, both new and returning, easily find and purchase stylish, functional dorm décor without wasting hours in stores or aimlessly searching the internet to no avail. And as more people use the site, collections of items will become tailored based on purchasing trends and site data. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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