Carry On Cocktail Kit

You are now free to cocktail about the cabin

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Great landing page but for $25 + shipping for 2 DIY cocktails is a bit pricey, imo.
@rrhoover Agree with you there, but I guess if you look at it from a gift perspective, it kinda makes sense. Plus you can always restock bitters and sugar packets relatively easily. I think I need to add this to my travel pack
@rrhoover Agreed. At that price, I'd rather assemble my own DIY drink kits. They'd make great gifts and you could personalize them. Great idea though.
@rrhoover yeah, basically this is priced for the Skymall catalog.
Absolutely love this idea (price is a bit high)! I travel constantly and typically do grab a drink on the flight. This makes it so much more interesting.
@srcasm The worst is when they don't have preferred brands and you settle for whatever. At least this way I could settle for a whatever cocktail.
I love little side projects like this.
This is amazing! Edit: Ahh, it's W&P Design. They make so much great stuff
LOVE IT! Pricey. but still awesome