CARROT Weather for iMessage

Share hilariously twisted forecasts in your iMessage convos

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Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
This is pretty enough for me to consider actually thinking about the weather before I walk out in a parka during a heatwave, or white clothes in the rain. Nice. @CARROT_app
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
I'm a big fan of the hilarious CARROT apps series and @brianmueller333's work. Great to see him jumping on the iMessage platform early. CARROT Weather available on almost every Apple platform minus Apple TV (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and iMessage)! Apple did a feature on Brian on their developer site here -
Brian Mueller
Brian Mueller@brian_mueller
Thanks for hunting CARROT, Robleh! I’ve spent the past 1.5 years cramming CARROT Weather into every last corner of Apple’s ecosystems because I’m lazy. I don’t want to interrupt what I’m doing to jump out to the Home screen, find my weather app, then launch it to see what’s going on. I want to be able to check the weather *while* I’m doing something else. Considering how much time I spend in the Messages app chatting with friends, I knew a CARROT Weather iMessage app would be a perfect fit. I can get a quick look at my forecast while I’m swiping through stickers - and I can share the forecast with my wife when we’re trying to make plans for the evening. (The rest of the updates in CARROT Weather 3.0 serve the same purpose. The widget and the Apple Watch complications have a ridiculous level of customization - you can set your own data points so you don’t have to jump into the app to see what the UV index is right now. The rich notifications show you a rain graph or the full text of a weather alert so you don’t have to open the app to see what’s going on. Etc. Funny how a weather app that basically started as a silly joke is morphing more and more into a much more serious, full-featured app.) I’m happy to answer any questions/feedback/comments!