A judgemental calorie counter

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The most inspiring app I've seen for a while just for the fact that it exudes so much personality and makes boring tasks fun. Recommend for any app maker who wants to be inspired. Reminds me of the first time I opened one of Tapbots apps.
Hi everyone! I'm responsible for unleashing CARROT on the world. Wanted to build an app that took all the boring little things you have to do in most apps (like enter your gender, age, etc) and make it fun. Let me know if you have any questions!
@brianmueller333 It's like you took HK-47 from KOTOR and turned him into a calorie counter. Brilliant.
@brianmwang a little HK-47, GLaDOS, and HAL, yep! :P
@brianmueller333 Friend of mine actually found CARROT independent of me (I'm usually the tech hunter). He got the GLaDOS thing, but he was disappointed that he couldn't actually set his gender to squirrel. Not kidding. He was genuinely upset. (Seems happy with the app otherwise, so good work!)
Ha! This just might work.
CARROT launched Fit, their judgemental fitness tracker 11 months ago.
@rrhoover There's also Carrot To Do and Carrot Alarm. All are super funny! Made by the talented @BrianMueller333
@rrhoover That video is awesome! Very clever.
@robjama Thx for pointing these out. Gonna get Alarm for my wife. This might actually get her up!
Haha this is awesome!
Need this or a similar app to use my IG photos as shaming inspiration :D