Carrot 2.0

Simplifying communication for remote teams 🙌

Remote teams communicate differently. That's why Carrot provides more space to share longer updates, and keeps threaded comments organized so it's easy to catch up any time. Plus, you'll always know who saw your update. Ideal for keeping remote teams in sync.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Wow awesome job @stuartlevinson and team! We've used Carrot 1.0 and seeing what you did for v2.0 is amazing! You've all come a long way! I can highly encourage other remote teams, especially those that are distributed across multiple timezones to try Carrot out. It is such a productivity booster when it comes to asynchronous communication. I really love the "Request Follow-Up" feature!!! Go Team Carrot 🙌
@mwermuth Thanks Marcus!! That particular feature was probably inspired by you and your team. :) It's one of those things I wish we'd added a long time ago.
Hi Product Hunt 👋, I’m Stuart, CEO and co-founder of Carrot. We’re thrilled to launch Carrot 2.0 and our new mobile & desktop apps. Thanks @nikkielizdemere for hunting us! We launched out of stealth one year ago to transform how remote teams communicate. So much gets missed in the random noise of Slack or lost in the black hole of email. Remote teams lose focus and get out of sync. Everyone is afraid they’ve missed something, but no one wants to comb through conversations to get caught up. With Carrot, discussions stay organized in a way that makes it easier to see what’s happening - no matter when you join in. And, you’ll always know if anyone is listening. You’ll see who’s in the loop; and if they’re not, Carrot reminds them for you. Using Slack? We do, too. That's why we designed it to work with Slack from the ground up. Posts are automatically shared to the right #channel so it’s easy to know what’s happening. We can’t wait to hear what you think! And to our customers, thank you for your feedback and ideas that drive us forward! 🙏
@stuartlevinson Carrot looks great! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
If you or someone on your team works remotely, you know how hard it is to stay in sync. So much gets lost in the noise of chat and email. Carrot 2.0 lets everyone stay engaged on their own time, no matter where they are. I love the minimalist approach that makes communication clear and simple. But underneath, Carrot does a lot to make sure everyone sees what matters most. It gets extra love for being open source.
Hey. I’m Sean, co-founder and CTO of Carrot. I’m here if anyone has any questions about our technology. Carrot is open source and you can check it all out on GitHub. If you have ideas about what we should work on to help solve your remote team communication challenges, please let us know here, or send me a note at: Thank you for your support today!
The future of work is remote. Carrot helps bring distributed teams closer together. Great job!
@maxcr It absolutely is the future Max. Thanks!