Payroll for remote teams

#3 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2019
Carrom helps remote teams
🌍Hire and onboard full-time employees from different countries
📝Provide locally compliant work contracts
🎁Provide benefits stipulated by local laws
💰Pay their salary in local currency
Scale your remote team and stay compliant.
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Hello Product hunt, At Carrom, we are building a payroll software for remote teams. 🌏🌍🌎 📝Our story Keerthi and I are software engineers working in remote teams and have seen many companies face this problem. We will help remote teams hire and onboard legally compliant, full-time employees, and pay their salaries. 🤔Why? Remote work has changed our lives. Our vision is to make employment in remote teams easy. We believe that Carrom is the first step towards it. Remote work could be the norm, and not an option - at least in a large percentage of tech companies. Slack, Zoom and a lot of other wonderful tools have made collaboration easy. Our goal is to make people-ops for remote teams easier. 💻The journey We have encountered a lot of failures on our way to building this solution (which is still far from perfect) - have been working on this problem for more than a year. We are currently in beta. We were also fortunate to connect with a lot of smart people on the way and learn a lot more about how different remote teams are working. 🚀We are deciding to launch very early because we could use a lot of feedback from the Product Hunt community. If you are working in or running a remote team, we would love to talk to you. If you have any feedback or questions, always write to us at or DM us via twitter.
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@carrom @iamsooraj WOW!!!! congratulations on the launch! Finally is here. This is beautiful for Remote Work.
@carrom @fajarsiddiq Thanks a lot! I really hope remote works become the norm. The ethical thought behind it is bringing equal opportunity to talents spread across the world. It's cliche - but more like world without borders. 🙈
We got asked a few times about the name Carrom. (Kah-Rum) : It is a board game : When starting all the carrom men(the round thingies) are in the center. Much like a co-located team. As the game progress, they are scattered all across the board, with one common goal of reaching the pockets. Just like a remote team. Hence the name Carrom.
Really excited to finally launch on PH! :) Working remotely has really changed our personal lives, and we really want to make remote work the default option at least for a big percentage of tech teams out there!
Great job @iamsooraj . Remote work is the future ❤️.
@muhsin We believe the same. Thanks a lot Muhsin! :)
Looks v interesting!
@petecodes Thanks Pete! :)