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Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
Hi everyone, Thank you! @katmanalac I’m Megan, co-founder of CarpStreet. With co-founder Jenny @jenny_yue_jin, we’ve built an online marketplace for tech job seekers to book mock interviews conducted by real interviewers from household-name companies. It’s done one-on-one via video-chat. Jenny personally had 10 jobs (some from actuary -> software engineer -> statistician-> data scientist) and did 100+ interviews. Her engineer friends always came to her and asked for advice. She has learned that the number one problem for junior job seekers is failing the interviews without having feedback from the interviewers. That’s how we start. We have solved the problem with REAL interviewers and proprietary LIVE FEEDBACK system. In the past 3 months, we have helped 31 people get jobs within 1 or 2 on-site interviews. We almost triple the success rate (it takes a job seeker average 4 interviews). And that means saving effort, time and money. Our clients can now send 125 fewer job applications and spend 2 months on job-hunting, which is equivalent to 15,000 dollars in extra pay. Any comments and questions are welcomed here, or you can email us at We’re happy to learn more from you, the hunters!! :)
Pame Valdés@pamevls · CEO, Beek
This is such a useful product for anyone looking for a job! Glad to see someone is trying to solve this problem
Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
@pamevls thank you Pamela for support us! We're doing our best to help more engineers!! Beek has such a good traction that it could become the Amazon of Latin America
Courtney Caldwell@wileyccoyote · Cofounder & COO, ShearShare
Our son will be prepping for tech internships in 1-2 years. Do the CarpStreet interviewers help only FT job seekers? (Great company name, BTW.)
Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
@wileyccoyote thank you Courtney! Carpstreet currently helps many job seekers get Full time jobs, which is much harder than contractors. In general, we help job seekers get whatever they apply for. In the future, we will help to vet freelancers. btw, love ShearShare! great idea :).
Courtney Caldwell@wileyccoyote · Cofounder & COO, ShearShare
@megan_liu Nice. And thank you! FYI, you may want to reach out to sites like They have a captive audience of students searching for jobs, many of which desire employment in tech. Could be a good synergy @wayup @campusjobs
Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
@wileyccoyote @wayup @campusjobs cool! will check them out! students are good target audience for us.
Cory Bray@cory_bray · CEO, CareerSofia
What a great idea! Why would anyone go into an important interview unprepared when first given the opportunity to practice with similar people in a similar setting?
Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
@cory_bray thank you Cory! You're awesome as always coaching us on the sales techniques.
Anna Lee@sosohee
This would be great for graduating college students going through the interview process for the first time! Love the idea.
Megan LiuMaker@megan_liu · Co-founder, CarpStreet
@sosohee thank you! Anna. that's right! 80% of our current users are fresh graduates. :)