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ilya movshovich@ilyamov · Focus on ideas that change the world!
Hi All, With all the issues surrounding parking in Silicon Valley lately, wanted to reach out to the community and bring up key important points. CARMAnation has been fortunate enough to be given a green light, and mentioned as a legal parking startup by USA Today, BBC, Ubergizmo, Business Insider, and lot of others following the city statement that "people are perfectly free to rent out their own private driveways and garage spaces should they choose to do so." Having tech startups trying to solve the parking problems with their own unique approach means there is a need to disrupt the industry. Technology is a wonderful thing, it can solve/simplify a lot of problems, but it has to be done right, otherwise "Monkey Parking" is what happens. You cannot monetize public assets for individual company gain. Just because an app can be built, doesn't mean it should be. We have a lot of things in the works, great new features, lots to announce soon, and are very excited to help solve parking issues via the true intentions of the sharing economy - working with the community to benefit the community.
Tom MasieroHunter@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
The Airbnb Of Driveways - I know, another Airbnb of...but this concept makes a bunch of sense and solves a real problem for cities. Would love to hear from founders @bwolksf & @ilyamov
ilya movshovich@ilyamov · Focus on ideas that change the world!
Hey guys! Thanks for spreading the word. We really wanted to concentrate on having community problems like parking become community solutions, and believe that CARMAnation is the place for all to come together in doing so. I'm personally a huge fan of Marc Benioff and his view on giving back: This is why it was so important to have great charitable organizations be part of the CARMAnation community and give users an ability to give back. Thanks again for the support!
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
Reminds me of but is clearly better done.
Anthony Eskinazi@eski009 · JustPark, Founder
@_jamesmundy I think you meant which recently re-branded to
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
@eski009 I did, you're right. I've since invested in your guys via you're Crowdcube campaign - great work!
ilya movshovich@ilyamov · Focus on ideas that change the world!
@_jamesmundy Thank you so much! Appreciate it :)