Customize your in-car experience.

Carista is a mobile app that lets you customize your in-car experience to your liking. You can also check your vehicle for problems, as well as clear any fault codes. Carista is compatible with standard (i.e. inexpensive) OBD adapters that plug into your vehicle's diagnostic port. Unlock your car's potential! No more paying dealers an hour's rate for 2min worth of work!
What's the business model here?
@johntheoak I will be happy to learn more as well. I am not able to find the "maker" :) there is no "about" page on their websites.
@johntheoak The business model is "freemium". The advanced functionality in the app (customizations and manufacturer-specific diagnostics) is paid, via an in-app purchase.
@bogomep Yup, that's right, but I don't use this Twitter account. Please refer to @CaristaApp instead.
@CaristaApp @todorbulgaria we cannot use company twitter accounts
Hi all, it's cool to be featured here! We're a small start-up with a passion for cars and simple interfaces. We put those 2 together and came up with Carista, which allows you to personalize how your car behaves to suit YOUR own preferences. And you can do it without needing a Ph.D. in automotive engineering. Let us know if you have any questions :)
By the way, we're looking for beta-testers for our upcoming BMW & Mini customizations. If you have a March 2007 or newer BMW or Mini, please contact us on twitter or email: