Cargo Store

Win rewards and shop daily deals during your next Uber ride.

The Cargo Store App is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for Uber riders to shop on-trip and unlock an exclusive 10% back in Uber credits on each purchase.
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Hey Product Hunt! The team at Cargo is really excited to introduce a new way to shop on-the-go. With the Cargo Store App, you can now access daily deals and get rewarded when you purchase on our store, through Uber voucher credits. Cargo's goal is to transform the in-car experience - We started with the added convenience of sample and retail items in your ride, accessible through the Cargo box. Today, we're stepping into the digital world and we're looking forward to integrating more and more online deals in the near future!
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Congrats team!
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Great work!! Can't wait to use the app on every ride!
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Looks worth checking out, for sure!
awesome news, installing!