Cargo 2

Tools to design and build unique websites

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This looks like a really simple website builder, but is much much more powerful under the hood. I'll be trying this for my new portfolio :) Have a look at their intro:
Is this aimed at photographers and designers? Can't see any of these templates (which, quite frankly, stress me out as they're really cluttered) working in a business context
@scottbowler Got to agree with you @scottbowler, I guess its only designed for photographers and designers who're trying to showcase their portfolio..
Love how better typography is incorporated. New management tools give a lot of control. All my 10+ sites are built on Cargo!
@xarene_eskandar Im curious, what 10+ sites have you built with cargo?
I've said it before, I'll say it again: this is the best site builder. It's not the most popular, or the most feature stacked. It's the best when speaking about UI & UX. There's a huge list of such platforms and I'm very much aware of most ( so I am confident this affirmation I made above stands.
Looks amazing. Congrats to the Cargo team.