Discover possible places to book online taxi in Bali

Some places in Bali are not allowing online taxi to pickup passengers right from their territory. Carflag makes it easier for people to know beforehand whether or not the place they want to go is possible to book the online taxi.
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Hello Hunters! Few times ago I traveled to Bali and I chose to ride online taxi wherever I go for my convenience. Surprisingly, not all of places are possible to do so. Sometimes I had to walk pretty far to be able to get picked up. Having such pain, I decided to make Carflag, so people out there could easily figure out whether or not a particular place is possible to book online taxi. I'm curious to know if you also have such pain while you're traveling around Bali, or perhaps you have a better way to deal with this kind of pain. Any kinds of feedback would really be appreciated! Oh, one last thing, I'm sure exploring Bali would be much more fun if you have more friends! That said, we also launch a community of fellow travelers that love Bali, and it's 50% off with GOTOBALIPH discount code! It's limited for few days, so make sure you don't miss it. Let me know if you have more questions!
@wilbertliu I definitely have had this pain not just in Bali but all over SE Asia where Uber/Grab drivers are scared to pick you up because the local taxis are run by a mafia! Congrats on your launch this looks like a useful product. I am going to Bali soon so maybe I will use this :)
@dinkydani21 Wow, I'm surprised to know that SE Asia in general also have this problem! Would you mind to share some of those specific places? And thanks for your kind words, Danielle! Shoot me something when you see there're things that could be improved.
Nice work Wilbert. Excited to see you get to the point of launching it. Really love how you were able to build this. The User Experience is insanely slick and fun to use. Beautiful work around immediately showing the value with a map instead of something that I have to read as soon as I land on the page.