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Mohamed Shoura
Mohamed ShouraMaker@mshoura · CEO CarePassport
Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy using the app as much as my team and I do. Our goal is to help millions of people have a secure and simple way of accessing all of their health records. This includes X-ray images, lab results, medications, dental, allergy, and wearables. We are working hard to give every single patient out there the opportunity to take charge of their healthcare and in turn lead a better, healthier lifestyle. With that being said, questions and feedback are more than welcome!
Ryan Stenson
Ryan Stenson@ryanstenson · Head of Product at Earnest
Do you have any solution to import/get old medical records?
Kishleen Singh
Kishleen SinghHunter@kishleen_singh · Patient Empowerment
@ryanstenson Yes, you can import your past medical records from different sources including EMRs, DICOM, CCD, XDS, HIE, HL7, FHIR and wearables, as well as self-reported data. You can also manually import your records from your patient portal (CCD file) to our online platform.
Geoff Rothman
Geoff Rothman@geoff_rothman
The apple store reviews dont really make sense. "I visit my dentist 3x in a week and this app helped me...". Makes me a little nervous to sign up. I would try to solicit more legit sounding reviews.
Kishleen Singh
Kishleen SinghHunter@kishleen_singh · Patient Empowerment
@geoff_rothman Thank you for expressing your concerns. We have very little control over the reviews posted on the App Store. We always appreciate receiving honest user feedback. CarePassport is free for end users and I would encourage you to give it a try!
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
Your website isn't working for me, the certificate is invalid
Kishleen Singh
Kishleen SinghHunter@kishleen_singh · Patient Empowerment
@tombielecki Hi Tom! I'm sorry that our website isn't working for you. Hopefully this link works: Please let me know if it does. Have a great day!