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Hey folks! I'm Patrick, one of the founders of CareLuLu. Happy to connect and answers questions! CareLuLu is a marketplace that helps parents find safe and affordable daycare & preschool. We started CareLuLu as parents who experienced the pain of finding daycare for our own kids (yes, the pain!) Haven’t launched in the Bay Area yet, but take a look here (DC area): If you like what you see, let us know, and we’ll launch in the Bay Area soon ;)
@matos_pat As someone who's searched for child care recently, I'm excited to see you take on this problem, Patrick. It would be helpful if you added a search filter for age.
@andrewwarner Hey Andrew, great to hear from you! Yep, we do have a search filter for age, as well as budget, hours, and 30+ filters. We haven't launched our full platform in the bay area, so these filters aren't available here. Check out a Washington DC area zip code to see the full product : Coming to the bay area soon. Let me know what you think!