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Volen VulkovMakerHiring@volen_vulkov
Hey Prodcut hunters, to celebrate the launch of CareerStack, we’re offering a 50% discount on the @Enhancv platform. As the platform is part of the CareerStack just enter a promocode "CareerStack" in order to have a 50% off :)
Volen VulkovMakerHiring@volen_vulkov
Hey Guys, a maker here. I am co-founder of @Enhancv and now we’re launching a new resource, CareerStack. When you try to learn something about job-search & career related topics, it can be hard to find whatever you’re looking for: the content is usually spread far apart on different blogs and articles, with unhelpful, clickbaity titles (X things you should know about Y, anyone?) – and that’s where CareerStack comes in. To fix that, we scoured the web, finding the best resources for your career, sorted them by topic, and organizing them in different categories. CareerStack is not done yet, however. There’s a lot of cool and interesting articles out there, and we need your help to find them. So, if you have or know an article that you think would be a good fit, drop us a line over at P.S. Also big thanks to MarketingStack and StartupStash for inspiring us :)
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Wow, a pleasant surprise to see that on the entrepreneurship tab I saw Marketing Stack featured as the marketing resource. Thanks @volenvulkov @vouldjeff @joroivanoff @nemek Do you have job boards included somewhere? If not, I'd suggest adding it. Also a section specifically for remote workers :)
Volen VulkovMakerHiring@volen_vulkov
Hey @bentossell, thanks for the nice words :) We are looking forward to adding new resources as at every section there is a place where people can submit new interesting articles. Also about the job-boards - definitely this is the next thing on the list!
Chris Greenough@cjgreenough · Co-founder who 😍's 🌞&🍦
@volenvulkov Awesome! We are prototyping a new mobile-first job board for Millennials in South East Asia right now!
Phil Nguyen@p_ngu · The Daily Water Cooler + Vettery
Whoa nice! I've been compiling a list of similar resources to someday release a stack as well. First thing I noticed was that the resources I've gathered have little to no overlap with yours which just goes to show how many resources around careers and recruiting there really are!
Volen VulkovMakerHiring@volen_vulkov
@p_ngu wow, Phil are your resources somewhere online?
Phil Nguyen@p_ngu · The Daily Water Cooler + Vettery
@volenvulkov Not yet! Just a spreadsheet where I keep them all, haha. Someday when I've found enough though!
Svetla Simidchieva@svetlas · COO,
Nice! Definitely include job boards, they are evolving too. Good luck
Volen VulkovMakerHiring@volen_vulkov
Thanks @svetlas, this is our next step!