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Kevin Hale
Partner, @ycombinator
Cory and Kavi have built for sales teams. There's over 90 sections covering everything from lead generation to advanced closing techniques. Their content, however, isn't static and generic. They integrate the lessons with data from places like Salesforce and work with sales managers to customize the lessons to work with real life examples. It's the future of not only sales training, but professional development.
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Cory Bray
Managing Director @ ClozeLoop
@ilikevests Thanks, Kevin! Hi everyone, I'm Cory Bray, CEO of CareerSofia. Sales training is broken, and we think that's unacceptable. Kavi and I started CareerSofia with the belief that rigorous training can dramatically improve employee performance across the board. Rigorous training curriculums work in medicine, finance, law, and other fields...why not sales? The problem is that executives don't have the bandwidth to develop training, individual contributors don't have the expertise, and adding support staff is an expensive way to partially address the problem. If you're new to sales, want to brush up on some skills, or are interested in training your team, check out our product. We offer free consultations to individuals and our Professional Edition is only $19 / month with no commitment. Companies can contact us to learn about our enterprise features which are built to improve sales performance and make front-line managers better coaches. Our goal is to make employees better, faster. Check out our free version at
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This product is a 10/10 Is the product real? Check Can they win? Check Is it worth it? Check (this product is especially invaluable to growing companies with young sales teams and for experienced sales enterprises who are looking for ways to keep improving their chops.
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Henry Dornier
Co-Founder, Meetingbird
We've been using CareerSofia for a few months now at my company, and it's been a huge help for us. The lessons are informative and actionable. Can't recommend this product enough!
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Chris ButlerFounder, Yarn
Wow. I wrote an adaptive learning engine for a competency-based learning company and CareerSofia seems similar, except customizable by a company. That could be invaluable for companies with unique techniques they like to install their whole sales force. If I recall correctly, our competencies sold for $5000 for a mastery certificate. This seems like a steal by comparison. I really like that it's on-demand learning; I just can't dedicate huge blocks of time to learning while continuing my existing career.
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Max HolzheuCofounder and CTO at Beek
It's impressive how much progress you guys have made in such a short amount of time. Not only is this a great product, but it also has an amazing team behind it. Perfect example of an A team building A+ products. Congrats!
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