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Thanks for the hunt, Liam! Hey, everyone! I'm excited to share Careerscore with you today. Careerscore was born while my co-founder, @tbauerbach, and I were in our last year of college. We saw many of our friends struggle to answer that seemingly hopeless question: “What am I going to do with my life/career?” They weren’t sure which career paths would afford them the most opportunity or even where to start. So we built a model to help them make smarter decisions and (more importantly) stay accountable – we call it the Careerscore – it’s the first score that measures your career progress and potential. It’s the core driver of our career management platform, which acts like a FitBit for your career, helping you with the following: Measure – See how continuously learning impacts your job market potential through your Careerscore. Organize – Save resources you’re learning into personal collections so that you can track your progress or reference them later. Match – Explore your fit with job goals so that you can identify gaps in your skill-set and receive recommendations to bridge those gaps. We would love any and all feedback; we know there is a long way to go as we build a place for you to manage your career growth. I’ll be here to answer your questions all day. Newt
This is pretty cool. Do you guys work with employers to connect them with candidates whose score is increasing?
@bunsen We don't at the moment, but have had some employers reach out interested in candidates who have score momentum. Part of our hesitancy here is for the privacy of our community – some people like their score and things they're learning on the side to be private.
Happy to finally see this on here! Congrats to the team. Super grateful for the chrome extension & the "My collections" section - best way I've found to collect,organize & share links on anything I'm learning.
@heyzeus_najera Thanks for the love! For the uninitiated, our chrome extension helps you save/organize as you learn new things online:
Love this service.