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Ellen Choi
Ellen ChoiMakerHiring@lnchoi · Entrepreneur
Hi Product Hunters! CareerLark is a Slack bot that enables you to easily get micro-feedback from your coworkers. We created this lightweight micro-feedback experience because we found current processes and tools to be too clunky and infrequent for our needs. Our team all have personal stories of performance feedback. Here is mine: I was very fortunate to work with excellent managers at Google who made it a priority to create a culture of transparency and give continuous, real-time feedback. At first it was jarring but I realized over time how helpful it was for my learning and development. I've been a huge advocate ever since then and we're excited to bring it to you! More info on us here: We're here to answer questions all day (and night), we would love to hear any and all *feedback* :)
Gowri Rao
Gowri RaoMakerHiring@indegow · Founder, CareerLark
Hi Hunters! Co-founder of CareerLark here. We're excited about bringing more transparency to the workplace and helping everyone reach their fullest professional potential. We're here to answer any questions. Let us know what you think!
William Dinkel
William Dinkel@williamdinkel
Looks very slick, I'm keen to try it out with my team. Kudos!
Gowri Rao
Gowri RaoMakerHiring@indegow · Founder, CareerLark
Thank you @williamdinkel! Hope it's useful for you guys - send any and all feedback our way!
Abhinav Agrawal
Abhinav Agrawal@agrawal667 · VP @ SurveyMonkey, CEO @ Renzu
Congrats guys! Do you see CareerLark as something just a few folks or a team can use as opposed to a company wide product? Also can you mention more how you are different than some of the other performance feedback tools out there? Thanks!
Gowri Rao
Gowri RaoMakerHiring@indegow · Founder, CareerLark
Thanks @agrawal667! We see CareerLark as a tool that anyone within a company can pick up and start getting value from immediately. Company-wide rollouts are great, but we've had customers get great benefits from small team implementations as well. CareerLark is different from most other products out there for a few reasons: 1. Relevant and goal based - CareerLark lets you set up your own professional development goals, so that you’re getting feedback on things that are important to you 2. Fun and quick - Working in Slack already? Great. We don’t want you to have to use an entirely new app to give and receive feedback. Our emoji rating scale makes feedback fun 3. Contextual - One of the things that makes giving feedback so time consuming and painful is having to restate all of the context around your suggestions. We remove that pain by prompting for feedback after specific events (i.e. after the weekly team meeting)
Greg Backstrom
Greg Backstrom@gregbackstrom · Founder, Snap Tailor
Love this tool! Finally a way to get and give quick feedback at work without having to open an extra app or website. It's so easy!
Gowri Rao
Gowri RaoMakerHiring@indegow · Founder, CareerLark
@gregbackstrom Thanks! Glad you're liking it. As you use it, let us know what you love and if there's anything you'd like to see added or changed. We love feedback! :)