Career ToolBox

Curated resources & tools to build your dream career

A constantly updated curation of tools & resources that will help in the different aspects of building a dream career. πŸ› 

We're working on building integrations for these tools with the core PathBase experience.

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Hi Hunters, This is product #3 from PathBase, the Career ToolBox. It's a curation of the best resources out there to help individuals build dream careers, from discovery to job applications. Though there are a few of these out there, most seem outdated/not maintained, and we wanted to bring the latest & greatest to our career builders. Beyond bringing the best stuff to career builders, the vision is to have many of these tools integrate with the core PathBase experience. Some of these would be recommending courses/challenges for your target skills, updating your career plan from the results of a quiz, and recommending you jobs based on your career plan & progress. The possibilities are truly endless and it's this what keeps us excited - the data-driven career building. We'll be periodically researching & revising what's out there, so if you feel there's something missing, please let us know here: If interested here's the Ship to our upcoming core platform:
These are the best platforms to start career from because they help graduates like me to enter their data and find work. This post helped me a lot in choosing the right and best career for me of my choice and I never expected that to do this whole task is this much easier. So thank you very much for sharing such informative article.
Although I have been very novice to research about the career options. i have found this entirely amazing. Product has been really beneficial for the persons like me to reach out the desired career targets. really appreciated the way like this.