Career Hacking for Millennials

Proven strategies for greater success in less time

Career Hacking for Millennials is designed as a guidebook packed with quick reads, it will help you whether you’re looking to nail your first job, fast track to VP, or build a successful company from scratch.

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Hey all! Really excited for the launch of the new Career Hacking for Millennials book and podcast. Check it out! Would love your feedback and will be here for any questions.
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Why “for millennials”? Some of the folk you’ve listed as inspirations are in their 40s. So why is this only relevant to millennials?
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@mickc79 It's for everyone. I think it's most impactful for Millennials as folks that have had more experience in their careers may have learned more of these lessons the hard way already.
Hey @maxalts, Who are a few of your most influential people you admire?
Hey @jacqvon, I'd say Tim Ferriss, Gary V, Casey Neistat, Gretta Van Riel, Japsar Weir and Bryce Maddock, Kent Collier, Jason Lemkin. I like the way all of these folks go about building their careers. It's really inspiring.
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Seems like an interesting app. Most Millennials especially those under 25 in public school weren’t taught basic survival skills like how to balance a checkbook or set up a realistic budget/savings plan. Stuff like this helps us learn the stuff those over 40 failed to teach.
I should definitely buy this book.