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Boom! Another Startup Stash inspired site! This time by @jamesclift & co - sharing the best tools and resources to help you get a better job, pretty cool! Included them in my collection "The Revival of the Startpage Directory".
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Should be a website that just says "HUSTLE" The images on the site are all out of proportion and fuzzy... is this made for mobile and doesn't fit on desktop?
@bentossell hey Ben, we've got some weird resolution at a certain screen size happening between mobile and desktop. Looking into it! Edit: It should be fixed now.
Hey folks, I'm co-founder of VisualCV, and while we help people build awesome resumes/portfolios, that's just a small piece of the process. We're launching this new resource today to help our users better figure out which resources to use get the most out of their job search. We wanted to build a resource that helps people figure out what they should do in their career (books + videos), where they can find a job (job boards + freelance sites), and how to land that job once they know what they want. Shout out to @bramk for the original inspiration, and all the other stacks out there. James
Would love to see a more detailed summary for the suggested books so I know which one to start. But overall, great collection of resources!
@alexchuang72 shows online courses, meetups, groups, and conferences by career. Adding recommended books is s great idea. Thank you!
really useful collection - I think everyone should book mark this to make navigating the vastness of resources simple and straightforward.