Career Assist by Teal

Job searching doesn’t have to feel lonely anymore!

Career Assist is a group based & hands-on 6-week program to help jumpstart your job search. You'll take part in a series of live workshops and group discussions focused on job-searching. Free to the first 1000 applicants who have lost their job due to COVID19.
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👋 Hey Hunters, We know some of the most talented people are facing unemployment due to circumstances outside of their control. It’s a scary time - and it’s a lonely time. Even in the best of times job hunting can be scary and lonely. At Teal, myself, @davidfano & the rest of the team has been through uncertainty & unemployment before. We’ve felt destabilized, unsure about our future and lacking community support. Back in November, we created Teal to provide the tools & support we wished we had during our career stops & starts. We want to help people through this moment so we created Career Assist, a group-based, 6-week program to help people jump start their job hunt. We're providing it for free to the first 1,000 people that apply that have lost their job due to COVID-19. We’ve already started working with people through Career Assist and it's clear that having some structure and a community of peers that are on the same journey can make a big difference. In group sessions and in our slack people share their experiences, proofread each other’s materials, and even make referrals. 🛠 If you are a maker of a tool for job hunters, or know of any tools that were helpful for you, please let us know! There’s so many great tools and resources out there that can really help in various parts of the job search. Part of what we do in Career Assist is try to point people to the products and resources that might be a good fit for them. 👀 If you’re job hunting & this course isn’t the right fit for you, but you need help with something please reach out! We’ve been working with a lot of outstanding job seekers in the last few months and I’d be glad to share any insights or tips we’ve learned so far. We would love to hear your feedback! If you’re on the job hunt or have been recently, what tools, support, & community do you wish you had but couldn’t find? Please feel free to share with anyone you know who might benefit. Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina! 🙏
I was a beta tester of this program and can say it was AMAZING. This team is nothing short of phenomenal. They are all caring, compassionate and fun people to work with. Aside from that, I had a new job in a matter of weeks....
@lazer_weiss whoop whoop!!
This is a great idea.
@jonathan_ehrlich thanks! appreciate that 🙏
You don't know this but I have three degrees and almost 20 years Director-level experience and @davidfano and his team is still able to school me with smart, logical, insightful tools and advice as I hunt for my dream job. My experience with Career Assist by Teal has been fantastic. I can't recommend it enough!
@davidfano @00craig Wow, thank you for sharing that Craig! Glad it's been helpful
Sounds awesome, jub hunting can be dauting sometimes -this seems like it solves an undiscussed problem.
@cellus_christie we’re trying our best! Thanks!