Care by Volvo

Have your own car, without the hassles of car ownership

Care by Volvo is a car subscription service that makes having a car as transparent, easy, and hassle free as having a phone.

A simple monthly subscription that includes everything (car, maintenance, insurance, taxes), a new car every 2 years, and services to make your life easier (like fueling & washing your car while it sits in the lot at work)

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Hej everyone! We saw a clear customer need: many people want to have their own car rather than using car sharing services, but the experience of buying the car and owning the car is full of hassles. You have to negotiate with a dealer, and you're always worried you're paying more than someone else. You have to pay a lot upfront, and then additional costs pile on. And you're locked in -- if you want to change later or just get a new car, you have to do all this over again. Why couldn't having a car be as easy as having a phone? Why can't your car give you time back in your life? This led us to Care by Volvo. A simple monthly fee, that's the same for everyone nationally with no haggling, and that includes everything: the car and maintenance, and even insurance and taxes. A new car every 2 years, so you always have the latest and greatest. Occasional access to borrow a different car when you're going to the mountains for a weekend or have people visiting. When you need maintenance and repair, we'll pick your car up, do the work, and bring it back to you. You can even have your car fueled and washed while it sits in the parking lot at work. Another feature that I'm pretty excited about is that you can let a friend borrow your car without needing to exchange keys: enter their email address and the dates/times you want them to have access, and they can use their phone as the key. Pricing will be €699/month across Europe for the base XC40 small premium SUV. Pricing for the US will be announced at the LA motor show in November. We've been working hard to develop the concept and make it a reality, would love your feedback hunters! PS: we're looking for outstanding product people, to be based in Sweden or Mountain View (open to relocation). Let me know if you'd like to talk! https://career012.successfactors...
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@heyadamcrouch When's it available in the US? Super compelling for us - we don't *really* want to own right now but if price is right it might make sense to swap our Car2Go+Zipcar+Uber setup. I'm also a bit anti-buy right now bc I want to see how the electric market matures (and the autonomous market as well). Super cool product.
@heyadamcrouch great concept. I have a question though, will this be the plugin XC40? If so does it take into consideration the tax incentives to own a PHEV in the different EU states? Also, €700/month seems pretty expensive when compared to other lease offerings.
@heyadamcrouch This really is amazing. Truly disruptive any plans to integrate with Uber to allow people to rent out their car when they are not using it to Uber driver in order to generate revenue?
@heyadamcrouch Very well done sir, I feel like I am exactly the target here. Just one question before I buy (or shall I say subscribe...), do I need to live in a specific radius from a Volvo car dealership?
@heyadamcrouch @duarteosrm when you consider no money down, maintenance, insurance and taxes it's pretty close.
So this is what you've been working on, @atifatif. 😮 Very cool! Volvo just launched car ownership as a service. The integration of additional services like car care, fueling, and others is smart and allows Volvo to upsell and generate more revenue beyond traditional purchase or lease agreements.
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@rrhoover Thank you Ryan!
Interesting! The only thing that still seems a little vague is how the residual value is handled at the end of the 24 months. What happens if the vehicle is wrecked during the 24 months and the actual value of the car is not the same as the residual value predicted in the beginning of the 24 months?
It's an interesting concept. My question: how is car insurance going to work with this?
@lamaalrajih It's included in the monthly cost, and will be the same for everyone: younger people won't be charged more than older people, and you'll be charged the same regardless of where you live
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@heyadamcrouch wow. That's definitely a plus. What about damages to the car? How will the payment method work? Who's responsible for getting the car inspected? Is there a minimum age limit (i.e, can teenagers get it)?
I want this for Tesla!