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Am definitely going to use this for product management work, particularly the planning phase The ability to switch between organized and free flow layout is great!
@shawnroos your comment reminds me of another point that we think is different about Cardsmith from other tools. It supports the entire project lifecycle from ideation, to planning to execution. of course, you can use for whatever part of your process that works for you. We try hard not to impose any particular methodology, just like sticky notes - you define the methodology that works for you.
I've been using Cardsmith to organize ideas, workflows, UI designs and even events. I've struggled to adopt other organizational tools because they're often too rigid for the way my brain sorts things. This tool makes it simple to arrange things in free-form fashion or use a more structured approach, depending on what makes most sense. They have some great sharing and real-time collaboration features. The product keeps getting better. I know the team behind this platform and they're great people with a passion for helping others bring ideas to life. Excited to introduce them to the PH community!
@darrenbuckner thanks for this! We are excited to be on product hunt this morning.
Very interesting concept. I enjoy visual organization so this really caught my eye. I immediately thought of padlet and trello as similar products but this brings its own added feature of the grid organizing which would be really great for teams doing scrum. I have heard of Trello being used for scrum as well and this even has an option to import boards from Trello.
@lelper We are working to emulate the experience of using sticky-notes as much as possible. They are simple, clean and have a colorful design, but they are not cluttered with extra features. Of course, this is a web application and therefore has opportunity for a lot of cool features that sticky notes cannot have, but we try to minimize the visual impact and allow the user to add only the 'fields' that they need. Kind of like how people used to use 3x5 cards... (or how some still do)
I've been working with Monica and the CS team since concept, and have deep admiration for their commitment to building a flexible, intuitive platform. Cardsmith is great for individuals and small teams, with a friendly, easy-to-use interface, and great real-time sharing. Even if you don't consider yourself a project manager, Cardsmith is an excellent tool for personal projects - organizing your stuff, planning trips or home improvement projects, brainstorming novel ideas, or designing lesson plans and curricula.
@moedee01 That's exactly why I've loved making & using Cardsmith. I'm by no means a project manager, but I've used CS to plan personal projects, brainstorm (too many) ideas, and even plan my monthly budget. It's flexibility is definitely its strength. Thanks for commenting!
Wow, there's something appealing about the "sticky note" design, although I am wondering if it offers enough additional value for me to switch from trello. good luck!
@afhill you can try it out easily enough as you can import a trello board and then see what you think.