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Hey everyone! I made this (web) app out of pure frustration that no one has done a good job at it, would love to hear what you think!

Protip for PH: open it in Safari and add it to your homescreen, it'll look like a real app.
jonas — Yeah, I don't know either.
@dawsonwhitfield Thank you so much for making this! I had been discussing making something like this with friends for a while but you did a better job than we ever could've in the time we have to spare. :)
Nicholas Sheriff — Founder, Quest
@dawsonwhitfield :( better mobile support coming??!! This is freakin awesome!!!
Erin Alexa — Proud Chicagoan.
@dawsonwhitfield @nicholassheriff is a great way to play on your phone
@nicholassheriff thanks! What phone are you using? I stress tested it on a LOT of phones.
Kilian Valkhof — UX Developer
Can you add the display of the black card to each' screen? I know part of the fun is in being together and reading it aloud, but I'd love to be able to do this async with a group of friends!
@kilianvalkhof it's a good idea, but it runs the risk of losing the magic of the game, you know? Part of what makes the game so special is that you're sitting around with your friends, I'm going to be really conservative with the changes I make to the gameplay since CAH got it so right.
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