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Jackson Dahl
100 Thieves
If you're using the internet, you've probably heard of CAH. But it's a whole lot of fun, and @maxtempkin + co. are always doing fun things like https://www.holidaybullshit.com/, sending people literal bullshit, or raising the price of the game for their black Friday "sale." You can keep up with everything on their blog: http://cah.tumblr.com/
Kyle WaringFounder, ShipSnowYo.com
How are there not more comments on this?! More like if you're a HUMAN you've heard of cards against humanity! Twisted AF, great drinking game. Probably the most entertaining card games out there... caution: if you play with friends, you won't look at them the same way...
Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
I was first introduced to Cards Against Humanity a few years back when I visited friends in Canada. It is by far the ultimate party game for 4-8 (horrible) people, and a great way to break the ice when you're meeting new people. Upon returning to Australia I tracked down an imported US edition (Because CAH were "too fat and lazy American" to release an AU one at that point) and when the AU edition came out I got that too. Lots of awesome Australian in-jokes like "Didgeridildo" and "Summoning Harold Holt from the sea in a time of need" (Our Australian Prime Minister who drowned in the ocean... who has had local swimming pools named after him - Straya!). Every few weeks my friends and I will play a game of Cocktails Against Humanity, and after a drunken night of cards I ended up buying all of the official expansion packs, so there's always lots of variety in the answers. From a startup point of view, I love what Max Temkin and the team have done. A great example of how to take a Kickstarter and build a company.
business of natureData Scientist, Faethm
Hi. We've just released Sensical on product hunt - please take a look and let us know what you think - https://www.producthunt.com/post... - if you love CAH like we do, then you'll love Sensical.
Steven W
Nice guys finish lunch.
Sup addicting game. Love how you can download it for free but you're probably better off just buying it.
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