10 Days or w/e of Kwanzaa

Ten mystery gifts from the makers of Cards Against Humanity

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Last year's ecommerce experiment numbers: http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/...
Did this last year and the ensuing treasure hunt was amazing. Very much looking forward to this!
I've ordered my Australian edition and am patiently awaiting for it to arrive... there's a sucky bit at the bottom of the Kwanza e-mail though that says we can't get in on this promotion... *grumble* fat lazy americans *grumble*
Also did this last year and it was well worth it!
I signed up again this year and generally enjoyed the gifts last year. I don't know anyone in Chicago who received the 12th gift last year (the card with your name). I really hope that comes through this year, as I was really disappointed.
@erin_alexa_ That's probably the point - Christmas Disappointment