A simple, accurate business card scanner

Cards is a business card scanner which accurately scans business cards, then recognizes details like phone numbers and emails for you, automatically. Cards also has support for scanning a card from Siri, scanning the back of cards, locking the app with Touch ID/Face ID, and much, much more, including a gorgeous dark mode.

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Hey PH, I've been working on Cards for more than half a year and am extremely excited to finally launch it to the world. I've tried many business card scanners, but I didn't like any, so I made my own. Cards is simple, accurate, and very easy to use. Just open the app and scan a card, and Cards will do all the work for you, finding emails, links, phone numbers, and more. I hope you enjoy Cards, and please let me know what you'd like to see me add in the future to make Cards even better ;) Julian 🚀 P.S: Cards Plus, an in app purchase which supports me and unlocks cool features like scanning the back of cards, protecting the app with Touch/Face ID and dark mode, is currently available for *50% off* as a launch sale!
@iamjustjs Amazing man! I've been thinkin about this project for a while now because manually saving numbers is just pathetic.
@abhi__khatri Hope you enjoy Cards! Shoot an email to (or dm @cardsapp_) if you have any questions/feedback 😄
Liked it: bought it! Would like an auto export capability....
@frankomahony Hey, could you expand on this? All card images are already saved to a "Cards" album in Photos, you can share a card's image from the details screen/export all cards as a VCard from Settings, so I'm wondering how you think I could improve this 😃
Just tried it and found it useful and elegant. Is it just a limitation of the free version that the company name and the position is not recognized? It has never recognized the address - i’ve found the manual input method, but had hopes for more help from the app. Last but not least: i try to give all of my contacts a profile pic - would appreciate to choose the logo from the BC as it. Edit: There are some iPhone X related UI glitches. The dimenions of bars and content are sometimes too small.
@llabball Hey, 1. Unfortunately, detecting company names is incredibly hard - people names typically have a single format, phone numbers etc too. However, I'm working on some kind of solution for a future update. 2. Addresses should be recognized, but they require a very specific format. Can you shoot over an email to so I can maybe add support for the format the card is using in the next update? 3. This is currently not supported in Cards but I'll add it to my todo list. As for the iPhone X UI glitches, so sorry about that. They'll be fixed in the next update!
@iamjustjs Have i mentioned how much i like your app :-) To your answers: I would say it’s nearly impossible to create a recognition software for all the different BC designs and formats out there. Shouldn’t we maybe better address a half-automated solution? When the image processing would let me help to clarify the symantics before the final pattern recognition, the logo and company name data fields would be easy to add. These are the steps: 1. Scan card 2. Crop image 3. Image processing and pattern recognition to identify automatically 4. Ask user to add more/correct symantics for all identified unique areas at the card 5. Final recognition
@llabball Happy to hear you're enjoying cards 😄 As for your reply, I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean. However, as per the formats thing, I'm actually talking about *address* formats, not card designs/formats. I'm using an awesome OCR library which detects basically everything on the card, I just need to know what is what, so this is what I'm working on 🙂.
Looks good. API or Zapier intégration would be great.
@konradholubek That's not coming in the foreseeable future (I'm working on iCloud sync and some other important features) but I'll add it to my todo list 😄