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You need to make it clear that it's only available for North America. I couldn't see any reference to that on the site. Other than finding it limited to 2 character State/Province codes and numeric postal codes. This is the internet folks, take off the North American blinkers. You have a global audience. :-)
@frassmith Apologies, we just fixed that. We can send cards internationally, but they ship from the US via USPS, so it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
@shravvmehtaa Ok, thanks. Nice to know. I'll take another look.
Love this - ingenious way to automate a strong re-engagement channel! Crushing it Alex/Shrav andJeremy πŸ’―
Only 3 designs to choose from? I like the typeform. (but I just like typeform) Wouldn't convince me to buy via this rather than any of the other companies that do the same out there.
@bentossell Hey Ben, one of the makers here! We're working on a way to allow users to create custom designs easily (through an editor), but if you want to create a custom design or include a custom greeting with different merge tags, today, you can email us the design and information at, and we'll get you setup. We can do entirely custom greeting cards.
@shravvmehtaa are you planning on creating more designs yourself and offering them yourself? I'd like the ease of going to the site, choosing a card, enter details, done. If I wanted to create a custom designed card then there are lots of places I can already go to and do this...
@bentossell We plan on adding more designs, but also plan on having an optional editor (like a WYSIWYG editor), so that users can add simple things like company logo to their card or make it entirely custom ( The release was a bit early, so that users could start sending out holiday cards! One benefit of using Cardpress is that we print and mail the greeting card directly to your recipient, which becomes very useful if you are sending several or more cards. Many services send you the card(s) to mail to your recipient. We're trying to focus on simplicity, but also allow some level of customization.
@shravvmehtaa honestly, the other services I can think of using that already do this also send direct to the recipient.