All your business (SaaS) subscriptions in one

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2016

Pay and manage all your SaaS subscriptions from one place

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Hey everyone! Big ups to @benln for hunting us πŸ™Œ Cardlife is all your business (SaaS) subscriptions in one. If you're still using spreadsheets and accounting reports, it’s time to save money and work faster πŸš€ We’ll manage your SaaS for you, give you a beautiful dashboard 🎯 and save you money with our smart overcharges alerts. If you want to give it a try, check out 🦁 HUGE shout out to the rest of the team behind this @tony_freed & @Pierluigi_93 ⚑ Love to hear your thoughts, thanks!
@ynextz Love this idea!
@ynextz @benln @tony_freed @pierluigi_93 sweet stuff - real problem - great solution ! Congrats !
@ynextz How do you manage complicated contracts with larger companies like salesforce, net suite etc? By complicated, I mean tiered billing, add-on services, one time fees etc
I really love this idea, well done ... Looks awesome
Instead of connecting the bank accounts. I am a freelancer and sometimes the SaaS tool is paid for by the client and I just want to send them the invoice.
@kapoorcs good point! πŸ‘ for now you have an option to invite the client to connect account and import SaaS. In the future you'll be able to say which SaaS to scan from the client's account. thanks for the feedback !
Looks great!
Would it be possible for you to pull in the subscriptions from the SaaS accounts
@kapoorcs hey, we are pulling all your SaaS automatically for you once you connected your account
@kapoorcs Hi Chetan, I know this is some time ago, but we're launching something that handles what you're asking for: