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Tristan Pollock — EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
Super helpful tool that allows businesses to search and discover new subscriptions, save and organize their active subscriptions, and utilize a data layer of recommendations based on usage.
@writerpollock super interesting. I've thinking about this space for quite a while
Tzachi Davidovich — Cofounder/CEO @Cardlifeapp
@smalltimevc thanks. Happy to chat. We're @cardlifeapp
Tzachi Davidovich — Cofounder/CEO @Cardlifeapp
Hey everyone!

Thanks @writerpollock for hunting us 🤗

After launching our subscriptions management tool, today we’re releasing our new SaaS directory to help every business to find new (SaaS) subscriptions in one place.

You can search and discover new subscriptions, save them to your Cardlife account and login to get the full visibility 🎯 and track your business subscriptions.

If you want to give it a try, check out 🦁

This is only the FIRST step in our vision for a complete SaaS solution with tailored suggestions ⚡, so please share your feedback/ideas and don't hesitate to comment!


PS: if you’re a SaaS provider and want to join our directory simply get Cardlife community to use your product as we prefer quality over quantity.
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