After launching our subscriptions management tool, today we’re releasing our new SaaS directory to help every business to find new (SaaS) subscriptions in one place.

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Super helpful tool that allows businesses to search and discover new subscriptions, save and organize their active subscriptions, and utilize a data layer of recommendations based on usage.
@writerpollock super interesting. I've thinking about this space for quite a while
@smalltimevc thanks. Happy to chat. We're @cardlifeapp
Hey everyone! Thanks @writerpollock for hunting us 🤗 After launching our subscriptions management tool, today we’re releasing our new SaaS directory to help every business to find new (SaaS) subscriptions in one place. You can search and discover new subscriptions, save them to your Cardlife account and login to get the full visibility 🎯 and track your business subscriptions. If you want to give it a try, check out 🦁 This is only the FIRST step in our vision for a complete SaaS solution with tailored suggestions ⚡, so please share your feedback/ideas and don't hesitate to comment! Cheers! PS: if you’re a SaaS provider and want to join our directory simply get Cardlife community to use your product as we prefer quality over quantity.
Looks like a lot of thought went into this - I like it! :-) My question is, what's your plan for the app profile pages? Looks like right now it's just showing app usage data, but I'd like to add some content for our app to make it a bit more informational. Possible?
@nyalex thanks for your feedback ✌️ we're working to add more content and info about each subscription. We don't have the option yet for you to "claim" your app, but feel free to PM us 🦁
@ynextz Great! Will do!
Nice to see you guys here! It's a great tool that saves us a lot of headache!
@aejfager thanks a lot 🚀
Great tool! Curious to know what SaaS service you used to build your search bar on ;-)
@liamboogar thanks a lot 🙌 we built it internally. We know you guys at Algolia so definitely something for us consider in the future 😎 How do you think we can improve the directory?
@ynextz Hey! The search is great so far (found Algolia pretty easily - thanks for including us!). Had our team take a quick look and here are some suggestions: - InstantSearch experience: With the way your page is set up (results below, categories on the left), the user might expect that the results will update below as they type, which isn't the case (instead it's a dropdown autocomplete). Dropdown is good, but given the design you've opted for, you could shoot for just updating the results as the user types and letting users drill down. - Multi-Index Search: I searched "Analytics" and only got one company with analytics in their name, even though it's a category on the left. Pulling up Category results or all results that are in that category (with the ranking in-name getting preference, of course) would insure people find by name as well as by category. No results for "file sharing" for example. - Typo-Tolerance: helping people looking for Agloglia or Twillo find what their looking for - As-you-type experience: For the tests I did, I only saw one result once I had typed enough letters to have a unique We coincidentally launched our Search Grader just today - - that includes a lot of best practices (including the above examples). Our InstantSearch.js library makes displaying Instant Search results easy ( Happy to talk more about this!
@liamboogar really helpful ✌️cheers
@ynextz No problem! Lemme know if there's anything we can do for you, and, of course, good luck with the launch! (even though it's obviously going great so far!)