Rediscover the magic of card giving

Cardlet is a physical greeting card delivery service. The apps help you schedule, customize and order high quality cards for an affordable price. Every card is enriched with a hidden AR experience that introduces a new dimension to the message it contains.
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This past year I’ve been working on a project that led me to leave my job, move my family, and learn more about printing and physical product fulfillment than I ever expected to know. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years (UX design, 3D modeling and animation, motion graphics, web/iOS/Android development, analytics, deployment management, and more) funneled into a single product. Today this product is finally released and the journey of the company that my wife and I started finally begins in earnest. I present to you: Cardlet.
Beautiful looking desktop site.
@exopaul Thank you so much! We're planning on expanding the website in the near future
@matt_sich Just an idea to throw your way that I think may be unique..... not that you are probably lacking ideas. But what about someone can record a short clip and upload it, and you can turn that into an AR object. Maybe just create a 3D photo frame and place the 2D video inside of it? That way they get a nice card but also get to see a personal video message. No idea if that is even feasible, just thinking how much more personalised that would be for the TikTok/Snapchat/Instagram generation.
@exopaul definitely possible and something we've been considering 💪We'll be adding much more customization to the AR soon as well that will really enable users to make the experience their own.