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Cardiogram is a smartwatch app for Android Wear and now Apple Watch that graphs and analyzes your heart rate data so you can gain meaningful insights into how your actions and experiences affect you. It turns out restingheart rate is a key metric for overall health. Cardiogram was built by my friend Brandon Ballinger who also was on the Healthcare.gov fixit team and a YC founder (SiftScience) who's working now with UCSF researchers on their eHealth Heart study Check out this WSJ story they did analyzing heart rates while watching Game of Thrones: http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015...
Thanks @JasonShen for posting! If anybody here has questions, happy to chat. The WSJD story focuses on a fun application of heart rate data, but there are lots of reasons this data will be important for healthcare. For example, this man self-diagnosed a heart arrhythmia using his Apple Watch: http://qz.com/472522/how-the-app... We've seen this too—somebody recently found out they had atrial flutter based on their Cardiogram graphs!
And one thing I'm curious about—my heart rate often spikes past 100 while eating something high-carb, like a burrito or pizza (example: http://www.cardiogr.am/c/optimal...). Have any Apple Watch owners noticed the same pattern in their heart rates?
@bballinger just got the app (finally an app that graphs heart rate properly!). I have noticed that too. Big spike today at lunch eating high-carb Nandos!
@adamcudworth The next heart disease study: macho peas vs PERi chips?