Continous heart rate for Android Wear and Apple Watch

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I'm sure the first question on everyone's lips is battery life. Would love to get the founder here to understand how the battery life will be affected by this and does Apple actually have an API that lets you monitor the heart rate every second
@nikunj hiya! Thanks for posting this on PH. For Android Wear (Moto 360), we've been seeing surprisingly low battery consumption—mine is at about 1%, and I often get >24hrs of battery life from the watch (wear it during sleep). For Apple Watch... We'll know soon! Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow. :) The sensor is the same underlying technology as the Fitbit, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, etc., so I'd be shocked if the power consumption profile were vastly different. (As a technical point, we do sample—take the heart rate once per minute, as opposed to leaving the sensor on 100% of the time. The device drivers seem to get kind of upset if you just leave the sensor on.)
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