Auto generate your site or blog from a Trello board

#5 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2016
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Interesting approach. A different way of doing content management. A couple of thoughts... 1. It would be really cool to see a snapshot of a trello board and a snapshot of the generated website. It helps visualize the outcome and get an idea if this is usefult to me or not. It doesn't necessarily need to be interactive. 2. Show examples for different use cases. While it is visible on the website that you can create app landing pages, coming soon pages ... It would be awesome to see from *this (the trello board)* to *that (the webpage)*.
@kovlex Thanks for the suggestion. I've updated the website so that each of the four examples links includes a link to the Trello board that created it.
Interesting idea. I'd like to see the Trello board that made that website. Would help show the reality of the idea here.
@akshayr Very cool, thanks for sharing that Akshay. This method definitely intrigues me, a short video walkthrough showing a site being generated from a Trello board would really help clarify how each card goes into generating the website. Great work though πŸ‘Œ
Great idea! Trello is so easy to use. Can I also use my own design?
@xodobe_ Not just yet. We'll come up with a way for people to upload their own templates eventually once we harden the system a little (lot).
Built my site in 5 minutes. Great idea! EDIT: How do I do a mailto link, also how do I set a custom favicon?
@stevetauber Thanks! The lack of configurability (e.g. mailto links) is probably the biggest challenge I need to overcome. I'll make sure that we can put mailto links in the social links in the next rev of the templates. The favicon one is also a great push - not possible yet, but will be shortly.
@akshayr Thanks for the reply! Also, I couldn't figure out how to switch templates after I built. I'd really like to see the velocity template added too. Thanks again. Super idea.
I wish someone would create this for Wordpress.