Automatically exchange business cards with the entire room 💳

CardCast broadcasts your business card to everyone in the room with Bluetooth LE. Passively scan for other cards nearby. Literally the easiest business card app you could ever use.

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Hey guys! @tylerhc and I are the makers of this. We founded a software consultancy right out of college, but when we aren't working on client projects, we like to do our own products as well. We made CardCast as a way to increase our presence at networking events. Digital business card apps are often really annoying to use, and a lot of times we just end up giving someone our paper card. We've created something even easier than paper-- just create the card once and walk around the room. Your phone will broadcast your card to everyone nearby, while passively scanning for everyone else's card. Feedback is welcome!
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@tylerhc @hpopp I like this idea. Are you planning to partner with event organizers to get your product in front of more people?
@tylerhc @abadesi Yes definitely! We've already had some success going guerrilla at networking events, but CardCast could easily be the "official checkin" of any event that has a paper sign-in list.
Interesting concept.
should Everyone download this app in order to receive cards? If it is like that, it can be hard to use it at first. For sending app is ok but for receiving it can be received without any app. Vcf format can be acceptable
@kempes76 You can export contacts and send manually just like any other business card app, but the real benefit is the broadcasting. Unfortunately getting everyone in a room to download the app can be rather difficult, so we're considering a LinkedIn integration to better connect existing users and hopefully spread the word.
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