Free roadside assistance and auto repair advice

Get peace of mind with expert auto repair advice and free roadside assistance.

CarDash is the only membership app that makes car ownership simple and affordable. Have a question about your car repair bill? Use the app to instantly chat with a car expert and we’ll help you make the best decisions for your car.

New members receive free 24/7 towing.

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I'm excited for CarDash because they're continually rolling out new features. This week, the 'Find A Shop' feature became available! While I currently don't need any repairs on my car, I'm looking forward to the day I'll be able to use it to find a quality repair mechanic at a fair price, with a CarDash discount for savings (and as a college student, I could use the help saving here and there)!


It's free! Quick response time from customer support and easy-to-use UI.


UI can be cleaned up.

Thanks for the review, Nathan!
Completely agreed that cars can be a real hassle - remember spending hours at the repair shop last time I owned a car. Excited to see where this goes!
Thanks @natedesmond! Agree with the frustration of wasting time at repair shops. One big pain point we learned from our user research was the lack of confidence car owners feel when making a decision about their car, which is why we are introducing instant access to auto repair to help you.
Hey Product Hunters! Yinon from the CarDash team here. We started CarDash on a mission to bring trust and convenience to the automotive service experience, and a year ago we launched out of YC as a concierge service that picked up the customer’s car, delivered it for service, and took care of scheduling on behalf of the customer. This was a big success in Silicon Valley and was quickly adopted as an employee benefit at many corporate campuses such Google, SAP, Workday, Yelp, and Box. We learned though that concierge service didn’t address the most significan pain points for many car owners. Many people associate taking care of their car with going to the dentist. The hassle of car ownership adds unnecessary stress to our life and is compounded by lack of transparency across the industry on pricing, quality, and scheduling. So we decided to question everything about auto repair and look at things from a fresh perspective. I’m pleased to announce the first phase of our plan today. CarDash is launching a new membership service to help simplify car ownership and save our members money with the following benefits: - Free roadside assistance - Free expert auto repair advice - Access to cashback in our network of over 3,000 shops - Free in-app cloud storage of all your vehicle service records (coming soon) How can we offer these for free? There is strength in numbers. Just because your parents paid for certain things doesn’t mean you have to. By leveraging the large pool of CarDash members, we are able to provide member savings on their auto repair at thousands of shops and still make enough to help support our growth. The more people join CarDash, the more savings we can pass to our members. In the future we will also offer premium plans. This is all just the beginning, and we want to thank the thousands of customers who have come with us so far on this journey. Exciting times are ahead! We’d love to get some feedback and we’re happy to answer questions!
@yweiss The "free" towing is misleading! You should reword it as "free 5-mile towing" otherwise you may end up with problems.
Thanks for the feedback here @nikolay! What is misleading about it to you?
@yweiss Couple quick feedbacks: 1) The verification link in the "Please verify your email" email isn't clickable. 2) The unsubscribe function in the "Please verify your email" email isn't clickable. (It appears as "To unsubscribe click: [[Unsubscribe]]here" but there's nothing to click -- which is a major CAN-SPAM law violation.) 3) I'd suggest tightening the letter spacing on your website text. The FAQ section is set to "normal" and looks fine, but the rest is set to 1.2px, which causes readability issues.

I find that CarDash provides me with ease of mind when it comes to dealing with anything to do with my car. I am really happy that there is an app now as it makes it so much easier to get in touch with someone at CarDash for support.


Easy access to support and professional help. Makes dealing with frustrating car issues much easier and less stressful.


So far I have not had any negative experiences.

Thanks for the review, Dina!
❤️Love this! I can’t wait for some mechanic to be mansplaining to me why I need some really expensive fixes, and I’ll be able to just pull up this app for an immediate second opinion. Game changer!
@lauralynnz Exactly! and we'll be available instantly to help you avoid unnecessary repairs and charges!