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Card Surge is a playground for designing cards in a web interface. Designing cards that look 🔥 takes careful tweaking and attention to detail, and Card Surge makes it easy.

Take existing styles from well designed sites and use them as a starting point, or begin playing with your own. Copy the code out into your own project once your done.

Jorge Martínez
Grant McAllister
Micah Lisonbee
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Kyle Gill
Kyle GillMaker@gill_kyle · Freelance Developer
I found that I kept going back to the same sites I loved when looking for design inspiration, especially when it came to cards. Getting shadows and corners right was tedious, so I decided to compile my favorites into a tool I could go back to. Let me know if you have any questions, think a site should be included, or would appreciate some feature or another!
Graeme@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@gill_kyle great work! really useful to grab the css of other brand cards 👍🏽
Fernando Val
Fernando Val@aaromnido
Another quick question: Any resource or tutorial for doing the diagonal background in CSS outside React?
Kyle Gill
Kyle GillMaker@gill_kyle · Freelance Developer
@aaromnido this is a good article I've referenced on occasion: