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Asad ChaudhryMaker@asadichaudhry · Founder of 52Kards
Feel free to ask any questions about the project or the craft of card magic in general!
Ankur NagpalHunter@ankurnagpal · Founder, Teachable
So many childhood memories. After raising $66k on Kickstarter and reached 250k+ Youtube subscribers, Asad's (@52cards) card magic course finally hit. It's a refreshing change from the plethora of learning code/design/marketable skills world of online courses -- and the Kickstarter funding numbers show how large the market is for courses on hobbyist content. AMA for Asad: What's the #1 easiest to learn trick you'd teach someone that has absolutely 0 experience w card tricks?
Asad ChaudhryMaker@asadichaudhry · Founder of 52Kards
@ankurnagpal Firstly, I'm so excited that the project is featured on Product Hunt! There are a number card tricks that are referred to as "self-working" because they require no technical skill, but rather rely on a clever principle of some sort. One of my favorites is where you simply peek at the bottom card of the deck before the trick starts and remember what it is (this is known as a "key card"). Now you can spread the cards out and have a card selected from the deck and ask your spectator to remember what it is. Next, you cut the top half of the deck to the table and ask them to place their card on top of the pile. Then place the remaining cards in your hand on top of the pile and bury their card in the middle. You can now have your audience cut the deck as many times as they want, but no matter what their card will always be next to the key card. Once they are satisfied that their card is lost in the pack, you turn the cards over and spread them out on the table. You can now quickly look over the cards, spot your key card, and identity the card right above it as the chosen card. You can reveal what the chosen card is in any number of ways, it's all about presentation at this point. Personally, I like to leave the cards spread out over the table and then I take the spectators hand and ask them to point at the cards. I hover their hand over the cards and tell them that I'm trying to find their card by "feeling their pulse". I build it up for a little while and eventually narrow it down to their card, and voila, they are amazed!
Abe Storey@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
@asadichaudhry, you probably don't know me, but trust me, I know you :) I've been watching your videos since you first started after winning the mismag contest. It is so cool to see that you've come this far. If you ever need any help with any web/marketing stuff I'd be honored to assist you, it's least I can do after your amazing videos!! Also, I;d love to connect further, what is the best way to be in touch? My email is: abester101 (at) Your #1 Fan -Abe
Asad ChaudhryMaker@asadichaudhry · Founder of 52Kards
@abe_storey Thanks Abe! I'll shoot you an email!
Abe Storey@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
@asadichaudhry Thanks! Looking forward to it.
Conrad Wadowski@conradwa · Founder,
Hi folks, as a heads up Asad Chaudry joining ProductHunt today for an AMA starting at 2pm EST. A couple links: AMA: What originally got you into learning card magic?
Asad ChaudhryMaker@asadichaudhry · Founder of 52Kards
@conradwa David Blaine had a big part to do with it. I saw his Street Magic TV special ( when I was 13 years old and was blown away with what was possible with a deck of playing cards. I began obsessively researching and practicing sleight of hand technique, and 13 years later here I am! Learning magic was more difficult back then because most of the knowledge was published in older texts, but now with the emergence of video tutorials, students can get clear visual instruction on the various techniques and methods.
Xiao@xxxxxxiao · Operation
@conradwa @asadichaudhry oh the all mighty David Blaine. He inspired a whole generation.