Credit card scanning for mobile apps.

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Does anyone know of a service like where they don't require that they be the ones to process the transaction? It's my understanding that you can't use with someone like Stripe.
@amacdonald we actually used with Stripe. It worked perfectly then, but this may have changed since we last played with it.
@amacdonald Hi Adam, I'm the cofounder of We don't process the card, and the SDK returns the raw card number to your app, so you can use your processor of choice (Stripe, Braintree, etc.).
@ryanm @mettler Well, thank you gentlemen. That was not my understanding, and you've just made one of my new features dramatically easier. Much appreciated!
@mettler hello! Not sure if this is a very smart question - Does work for cards outside the US? And for credit/debit cards both? Many thanks in advance :)
I get excited when I see Such a brilliant product (apparently PayPal agreed). :)
If your building a mobile app which requests payments via credit card from your customer, makes it easy to scan credit cards instead of typing credit card no
@kwdinc game changer for conversion rates of card acceptance.. Paypal has the same integration but I find picks up quicker and in dimmer light.. great share :)
@jaronrayhinds Paypal acquired :)
@kwdinc hmmm.. Wonder why they still allow them to use their branding ? Maybe I just like the .io better than PPP and it skews my judgment on Card Capture :)
@kwdinc Does Apple open the Safari functionality to do this in iOS8 to other apps?
@kwdinc the fastest card capture ping is by far TableList who uses , Nothing close to the speed of that data entry .. appears to do the same thing
If you're not using apple pay, this is a great solution.