Card Diary

An minimalistic journalling, diary app

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This is a minimalistic, clean diary app.
Card Diary makes journaling a simple, mindful and highly rewarding activity. -- APP OF THE DAY
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Love the design
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@yuan_fu Any plans for Android?
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I don't have an iPhone but loved the design! Great work, congrats!
@thatakke Thank you. That means a lot to us ^ ^
The design is great, Congratulations! I like how the information is presented in a beautiful and easy to use interface. There's one thing that i found confusing and that is the "Cards" screen, at the beginning I thought the number was the day of the month and after some time I realize it was the number of the month. I believe this was more of a design choice but i think it would be better to just leave the name of the month to avoid confusion. I currently use "Day One" for journaling and one thing that I like a lot about it is that it has a macOS application, i just don't like to write on an iPhone maybe that's something you want to explore in the future. Keep up the good work!
Another interesting productivity/creative app that falls for the Mac trap or cliché, what a shame...