Carbonmade (relaunch)

The original simple and modern online portfolio builder

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Been a user for years, and was wondering if it had died. Just got an email describing a ground-up revamp. You can see an impressive list of new features on their well designed launch page here:
@colemercer The web site looks beautiful.
@colemercer So funny. I also have used it for years and revisited a few weeks ago with the same reaction -- thinking it had died. Awesome redesign.
Glad you guys are liking the updates! We're definitely not dead, just been quietly going about our business. This update is mostly about giving us a foundation to do a lot more fun stuff. That said, we're pretty proud of it. For anyone that's wondering, the illustrations on the /new page were doodled by James Barnes (@jmsbrns) and the copy was mostly wordsmithed by Angela Black (@angelablack) with a little help from yours truly.
@davegorum @jmsbrns @angelablack Great job Dave. Looking forward to seeing what other new features are on the way. Love the interface by the way, very intuitive.