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Hey PH. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Carbon Health. We have an ambitious plan to build a completely new healthcare system from the ground up. We will do this by connecting independent practices with a unified technology platform which makes providing care (for doctors) and receiving care (for patients) easy, accessible and hassle-free. Carbon Health delivers a simple yet comprehensive healthcare experience, in and out of the doctor’s office. We’ve built a service that fits with our mobile-first lifestyle, and with the best experience for both our patients and our doctors in mind. Full integration with local pharmacies, labs, insurance providers and specialists making Carbon Health your one-stop-shop for healthcare needs Chat with our doctors through the app, or visit them in-person at our clinics Follow-up on treatment plans, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, make payments and more - all through one app and at no additional cost Access to your full medical records, including x-rays and lab results, through the app - your records are always with you To fine-tune our service and deliver the best experience possible, we are starting small, locally, in the San Francisco Bay Area, with our own primary care clinic. We will soon start adding independent practices on our network to expand Carbon into urgent and other specialties throughout the US. I’m excited to be sharing Carbon Health with the Product Hunt community and would love to hear your thoughts and questions!
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@erenbali Really required product. Healthcare needs to be fixed. Kudos. I was wondering if you would be open to make a chatbot on Facebook messenger. Users will be able to book appointments etc through your Facebook page only, no need for the app. Reminders etc can also be delivered there. Anything that can be done through the app, can be done through Facebook chat. We at http://morph.ai can help you with that. Drop in a mail at ishan@morph.ai. Check our demos at http://morph.ai/demos.
@ishanjain_t @morph love the idea. But unfortunately, none of those platforms are HIPAA compliant, so the messages will need to stay in Carbon.
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@erenbali Very cool! Have you ever thought about working with @georgefavvas and https://www.producthunt.com/post... ? I think they have doctors who visit onsite, so it can be a good partnership for the both of you.
@erenbali Wow - i wonder how i missed this when i was living in NY. I used Zocdoc.
@erenbali Great product! I really like it! Good lucks!
@nazif @erenbali Thank you, Nazif :)
Cool idea. I'm assuming you've tried One Medical? That's what I used. Its pretty similar.
@evankimbrell I've used One Medical before and I like the service, but there are some important differences between us. Most importantly, while we're piloting Carbon with our own clinic, it can be deployed to (almost) any clinic. So ideally your specialist will use it, your urgent care doctor will use it, and your primary care doc will use it too. You as a patient would benefit from that integration. Second, there's no extra fee with Carbon. Our goal is to create a concierge-level service powered by technology, so it doesn't cost more. Third, we're doing more to empower patients. When you use Carbon, your complete medical record—the same one that the doctor sees—is on your phone. We think this will help people understand their health and their healthcare better, and they'll be healthier as a result. :) Oh, and we have a bot that helps you with some simple tasks ;)
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@erenbali Perfect! Such a useful product for humanity. Good luck! Yolunuz açık olsun abi :)