Buy Cryptocurrency Instantly using Credit/Debit

We are building APIs for the cryptocurrency economy!
On our roadmap:
1: On ramps (done)
2: Off ramps (live on sandbox)
3: Coin swaps (live on sandbox)
4: Native stablecoins for each blockchain (done)
5: more? 😏
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This seems legit, but I am curious how is your fee when compared to other top crypto-buying platforms? Any security risk, if any? Also, do you guys mention anything related crypto in bank statement or transactions?
@alphahunter Great question . Also interested
@alphahunter @itstheandre our fees are now 2.99% or $2, whichever is higher! if something goes wrong, we refund (ie order was not completed) but you do need to make sure your public key is correct. we do not! bank transactions say `Carbon Money` and that's it :)
@itstheandre @gmaijoe how secure is it to do transactions without signing up?
@itstheandre @alphahunter it is very secure - we also have PCI level 1 compliance (highest standard for storing users sensitive info). See a gif of the checkout process for Apple Pay:
@alphahunter @itstheandre @gmaijoe That's pretty reasonable! Lower than what I've been paying, at least.
Welcome! We'd love feedback from everyone :)
Verification SMSes don't arrive neither to UAE nor to Armenia phone numbers.
@rafhar @alphahunter we are working on global coverage through twilio right now - we also let users sign up if the countries don't work. thanks for letting us know
Tried it, can confirm that it works and the UX is sleek.
@em thanks a lot! glad you are trying it. We are rolling out a referral program soon :)
Where are you based? And is this for EU/US/both?
@deborahrayne31 we are based globally (one office in US and one office in Europe) - non-US for now but that will be changing in the near future