Stunning B&W filters and effects for photos

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This is probably my favorite app now for B&W photos. It was $20 to get the full set of filters and effects. Here's an image I edited with it:
@nikkielizdemere I love Lenka and Filmborn.
@nikkielizdemere horrible! You have to pay for EVERY FEATURE! Terribly misleading. Uninstalled immediately.
@applying322 Sorry you had a bad time with it, it's been absolutely wonderful for me for taking band photos of friends.
@nikkielizdemere oh, I am sure it’s wonderful but their campaign on social media is misleading. It is the perfect example of ‘bait and switch’ app conversion tactics that people hate. You ask people to ‘try the latest and greatest new app’ but when they download it, they realize that in order to get beyond the absolute BASIC features of the app, they have to go through multiple paywalls. I have native apps on my phone that work better than the five free b&w filters you get with the app download. How am I supposed to determine anything about the program if it is constantly pestering me to purchase a new set of features. Shows that the people who are marketing this know little about human psychology or digital buying behaviors.
It should be completely free app
@thenosh Do you work for free?

Thought this would be cool until I opened it and discovered that you have to PAY FOR EVERYTHING!!


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TERRIBLY MISLEADING! Virtually ever filter and feature is behind a pay wall.